Contemporary Beauty Portraiture; Inspired by YOU!

The Power of a Beautiful Portrait!
What makes a great portrait? Well I think it starts with styling, lighting and laughter. Ok, maybe there's a bit more to it than that because a great portrait should celebrate the confident and amazing person that you are. It should boost your self esteem while showing your inner light; it should capture that unmistakable essence that is YOU.

I offer photo sessions for:
Beauty/Glamour/Couture | Business Portraits/Personal Branding | Family/Generations | Boudoir | Creative Portraiture

In Fairfield, Iowa and surrounding areas.

A Portrait is not made in the camera but on either side of it

Do you find yourself avoiding mirrors and cameras? Do you hate seeing yourself in pictures? I know that I do! From those funky school photos and the bad hair days to the photos of you right after giving birth... yeah, someone captured us in our "less than perfect" moments and left us believing that we are not photogenic.  And we've been avoiding the camera ever since, leaving behind little to no images of our glorious, vibrant self. 

I started creating images of woman shortly after realizing that I had no photos of my beautiful mother from the time she was 27 until into her 60's, except for that one funny shot someone took of her as she slouched in a chair, exhausted from cooking Thanksgiving dinner. I explored the reasons why people, especially woman, avoid the camera and most of it came down to their perceived lack of physical perfection and the fact that they had never seen a really good photo of themselves.  But the funny part about this is that to a person who loves you, you are beautiful in spite of your hair, your weight, the size of your nose... because they see YOU, they see your spark.  And that's what I want to capture and translate into a portrait for you.


So here's the GOOD News!!

You don't have to be photogenic or wait to lose 10 or 20 pounds before having a great portrait created–my photo process will help you look and feel amazing just as you are now. I want to show you how I see you, how your loved ones see you. I want to show your spark! From wardrobe selection, fluffing the hair and makeup styling to the photo shoot itself, each element is skillfully and carefully directed to create a day of pampering... and beautiful images!
All it takes is styling, lighting and laughter!

So take a chance and spend an afternoon with me. Give yourself permission to have a one of a kind beauty experience. Let's make beautiful portraits together!

Terry Baker Photography offers portrait photography for those in need of beautiful portraits for their personal or professional lives. Located in Southeast Iowa,Terry offers a variety of portrait packages including (but not limited to) professional, glamour, boudoir, family, and personal branding. All in-studio sessions include the option for professional hair and makeup prior to shoot.

Terry Baker Photography serves the state of Iowa and the Midwest.