“My experience with Terry was really great. I had seen her work and knew she brought out each person’s individual beauty but still dreaded the process. I could not have enjoyed it more, she provided an environment where I felt nurtured and safe and knew that we would have great photos. I actually left stating that I could not believe I would say it, but that I had fun. I will bring my sister and best friend for sittings when they come to Iowa”.

"I had my portrait done by Terry Baker. I was a little shy at first but it turned out to be a total blast! I got to have make up and hair done & help with jewelry and I got to pretend I was a model. It was so much fun! Plus the pictures came out great and so many of my friend's photos came out fabulously where Terry captured the best in each of them.

Thank you Terry!"

"I found Terry Baker at the perfect time! I needed a photograph for my book cover and for a new website.  I had just had a very 'not good' experience with a photographer.  From my first phone conversation with Terry, working with her was simply amazing!  She made me totally comfortable with the process. I was comfortable.  She guided me so that my essence showed up in the photographs.  I told her after the photo session, "This was definitely a corrective experience!"  I have never enjoyed being photographed until Terry.  She has a magic about her that I have no name for.  I'm so happy to have found her."

"As a fellow photographer I knew how amazing Terry's work was. Still, there was some nervousness but Terry and her makeup artist made me feel so comfortable. I felt like I was at home during the makeup and hair. I purposely didn't look in the mirror during the process so when all was done and I saw myself it was a double take....a whole new me and I liked it! As relaxed as I was, the nerves started up a bit when we entered the studio. We talked about the plan; what I was wanting and and she offered other ideas too. Then she went into action. On the technical side Terry was skilled with lighting, posing and direction. On the personal side she made me feel so relaxed and when I was being a dufus and not following direction she was so patient. We played, laughed and played! It was so much fun and a wonderful experience. The anticipation of the reveal was exciting. Then the reveal AND I love my pictures. I would like to do it again."

"I have never been comfortable in front of a camera. I have never liked the way I look in pictures, always feeling uptight and awkward. The few times I had my picture taken, I did it because I wanted to consciously face my fears.
This particular photo shoot was different for a couple of reasons. I looked and felt so beautiful after the make over and I had detailed direction about what to do with my body from Terry. I didn't feel awkward at all. I have recommended Terry to all of my friends since then because it was such an empowering experience. Especially when I saw the final pictures and realized that my insecurities might just be all in my head after all."