When was the last time you had professional portraits taken?

Your photo session actually starts with a complimentary consultation prior to your actual shoot date. We will discuss how you would like your dream shoot to be captured, answer your questions, go over your outfits and styling, as well as discuss your goals for the final product. and how you'd like to look in your new portraits.

This consultation can occur either in person or over the phone.

When you arrive for the day of your shoot, we'll get you started with hair and makeup services (just a little movie star treatment!) Once you are styled and ready to go, your shoot will begin. Terry will guide you through the entire process so that you can relax and enjoy the session. We'll use lighting and posing to be sure that you look flattering in every photo.  Remember, anyone can do this; young, old, and all shapes and sizes!

After your shoot, your images will be retouched and then you will be invited back to the studio for the big reveal of your images. This will be the time to select your favorite images and decide on your final products!

"My favorite part was getting someone to fuss over me by putting on my makeup and fixing my hair in a cute way. That I don't normally wear it that way but it looked very natural and I looked totally myself.

I would tell any woman she should do this for herself. It makes you feel so special and pretty. The camera brings out all sides of your individual personality."