My job is to take the most beautiful portraits you have ever seen of yourself.

Take a look at the women I have photographed. They are not models - they are moms, daughters, sisters, business women, housewives and grandmothers - everyday women like me and you, who decided to get in front of the camera and enjoy a beautiful portrait experience. Most of them have been avoiding the camera for years, using excuses like they are not "photogenic", "hate having their photos taken", "need to lose weight" or simply "feel awkward in front of the camera". The good news is that you can lay these excuses to rest because I can make you look and feel amazing as you are right now. As a photographer I strive to create a comfortable space in front of the camera, connect with you and gently guide you through flattering poses - regardless of your dress size or age.

It is my artistic goal to create photographs that capture your beauty and your personality; portraits that you're proud of and that you'll love to share with your family. I invite you to experience one of my sessions. I promise to show you how incredibly beautiful you are!



Interior decorator for 25 years turned photographer; Mom, dog mom and West Coast Swing dance instructor.